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The application of CSL/SSL in food
The application of CSL/SSL in food
(1).Role in bread:
Because of the combination of CSL/SSL and starch , protein and fat , so that can strengthen the gluten net frame, make the volume of bread increase, and the bread core turned whiter, the appearance is improved, and inner tissue is more fine and more smooth and more even , the tasting is very soft and moist, resisting aging performance to improve, and lengthenned the shelve life.
Recommend consumption: 0. 2-0. 5%
In the bread that contents rich fat and candy , the function of SSL/CSL is very obvious, not only the volume increases, but also the bread core is white, the structure is tight, the tasting is specially good. Add SSL/CSL into fired dread, can make bread to bubble difficultly , and save oil and the tasting is good, not fatness.
(2). Role in the steamed bun and flour cheek
After joining CSL/SSL, the volume of steamed bun increases, takes shape symmetrically and highly, the epidermis is smooth and glossy, the inside tissue is tight and evenly, pure white, the elasticity is good, it has strength of biting to taste , and no gluing tooth , suppress moisture to be lost in the course of transportation, prevent the products from becoming hard and losing dregs. And follows the increasing of the quantity of CSL/SSL (0. 025%→ 0. 05%→ 0. 1%→ 0. 2%), the effect is more obvious. There are materials recommend that add 1.2% CSL/SSL, the effect is the best.
Fill CSL/SSL into dumpling, wonton, spring roll, shaomai,etc ,can raise extension of dough and able to bear mechanical processability, improve the tasting and gloss, and prevent from aging.
(3). SSL role in cake
In general, adds 0.3-0. 5% SSL into the cake, there is a good flavor with SSL. Interface membrane that SSL formed can make air bubble to stabilize , distribute even, can be made the cake which honeycomb even and thin wall with it. If prescription filled fat, and the fat scatters thinner , more even under function of SSL , and tiny fat particles make the cake tasting better, softer.
Especially when make cakes with a step way, if you want to obtain the good sponge body, must add the emulsifier , and SSL , GMS are all good choices.

(4). CSL/SSL role in noodles and instant noodles
After adding 0.5% of the CSL/SSL, the appearance of the noodles is obviously improved, white degree increases, the function of prevent from brown is improved, muscle strength raise, cooked break rate ,and cooking losses are reduced, the tasting is smooth, the adhesion degree is reduced. Make instant noodles have good functions, and prevet from aging, put the boil noodles into soup and its difficult to bloated dissolve.
(5). Function in quick-freezing products
During the freezing of quick-freezing products, CSL/SSL can reduce water that freedom flowed , reduce crystallization degree of starch , take place complexing function and form the new complex body with gluten protein, thus improve the low-temperature stability of the frozen food , control the ice crystal’s size in the flour products, reduce the fracture rate of the products, make the products smoother, the operated effectiveness improves, the producing rate improves, reduce the muddy soup phenomenon after the products are boiled, making the tasting of the products to be better, and lengthened the shelve life .
(6). Role in biscuit
CSL/SSL can make fat to emulsify, the emulsified fat is easy to be absorbed by gluten, expanded in the course of baking, make protein to be easy to bubble, make in the center one layer of structure form the porous spongy loose body, improve products loose degree and tasting, the " going oil " phenomenon is prevented.
(7). Function in the bulking food
Adds 0.2-0. 5% of the CSL/SSL into the bulking food, can play a role in lubricating, reduce the extrusion pressure, reduce the equipment wearing, product out the bulking food that the surface is smoothly, the air vent is tight and the tasting is crisp, reduce the hygroscopicity of the products, lengthen the shelve life.
(from food magazine)
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