Emulsified oil 500 is a compound emulsified antioxidant, can be combined with starch and protein to improve the structure of the product, there is a certain antibacterial effect, can play a role in extending the shelf life, and safe, non-toxic and no side effects, its related products can also be safe to eat.

【 Product name 】 : Compound emulsified antioxidant

【 Model 】 : Emulsion oil 500

【 Ingredients 】 : mono-diglycerol fatty acid ester, sodium lactate, starch acetate, soybean oil

【 Scope of use 】: multi-grain flour and its products, fried flour products, starch and starch products, convenient rice and noodle products, frozen rice and noodle products, baked food, prepared meat products, cooked meat products

【Recommended dosage and use method 】 :0.3-0.5% directly add to water and use after dissolution

【Product status 】 : bright yellow liquid

Product characteristics

The addition of this product can effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms, especially for the preservation of frozen flour products after thawing and prevent sticky dough, and has the effect of delaying the Browning time and extending the shelf life of products.

Application in frozen stewed noodles

Improve the physical and chemical properties of the stewed dough and improve the operability of the dough.

Improve the gloss of the stewed dough, and have a strong color protection effect.

After thawing, it can delay the deterioration and fermentation of the dough embryo.