Development course

· In 2003, Onest was founded.

· 2004 – More than 200 dealers sales network throughout the country.

· In 2005, the new production base was completed, and the production capacity was greatly increased.

· In 2006, the technology research and development system was improved, and the talent echelon was more complete.

· In 2007, passed the food safety management system and quality management system certification.

· In 2008, the R&D and office center was moved to Zhengzhou Technology Building; Zhengzhou Liangwei Trading Co., LTD. (wholly-owned subsidiary of Oniest) was established.

· In 2009, invested in food emulsifier project and developed deeply into the food industry; Participated in the national “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” project “Main steamed noodle food quality Evaluation Research”.

· In 2010, it was certified as KOSHER and HALAL. The R&D center was named “Zhengzhou Grain, Oil and Food Improvement Engineering Technology Research Center” by Zhengzhou Science and Technology Bureau.

· In 2011, “Research and industrialization of wheat flour quality modification and improvement technology using biological enzymes” was assessed as a key technical research project by the government.

· In 2012, the foundation of Henan Oniste Food Co., LTD. “Research and industrialization of quality modification technology of fresh noodles special powder” and “Research on quality improvement technology of wheat flour for baking Use by biological enzymes” have been assessed as key technical research projects by the government.

· In 2013, — Henan Onest Food Co., LTD. Yuanyang factory was completed, Onest into a new journey.

· In 2014, the guar gum project was put into operation, and the third workshop serving the production of food and chemical products was completed. The expert Committee of Henan Food Safety Commission was established, and Zhang Long, a senior engineer, became a member of the expert group.

· In 2015, the second powder spray drying tower (about 30 meters high) was built, and the comprehensive upgrading of the project was completed in the same period, further enhancing the competitiveness of emulsifier products; Food and chemical products to complete the layout of hundreds of domestic dealers network.

· In 2016, Aido Burger Western Food Education was established. The four workshops of the plant have been renovated, and the production capacity has been increased by 50%.

· In 2017, passed the Jewish OU certification and Halal MUI certification.

· 2018 — glycerol monocaprylate was launched to solve the problem of preservative that confused the food industry.

· 2019 — The new administrative Research and Development Center located in the office area of Meilifang Villa on Science Avenue was completed. Complete R & D equipment, strong technical team, is committed to becoming an excellent food problem solution provider.

· In 2020, the automatic intelligent transformation of the production workshop of the plant is fully completed.

· In 2021, “Food problem solution provider” has become the consensus of the industry.