Bakery Ingredients

Baking Powder

Increase product volume, Improve product stability, Improve production efficiency, Improve product taste

Product introduction


Increase product volume

The double-effect baking powder will react to release gas when it meets water, and more gas will be released during the heating process, which will further increase the volume of the pastry product.

Improve product stability

Factors such as changes in flour quality, abrupt changes in temperature and air pressure will affect the quality of pastry products, such as product shrinkage. The addition of baking powder can significantly improve the stability of pastry products and reduce the shrinkage phenomenon of products.

Improve production efficiency

For breakfast pastry products, it is necessary to complete the product production quickly. Baking powder can quickly produce a lot of gas, so that pastry products in a short time to achieve the effect of fluffy.

Improve product taste

The addition of baking powder makes the product more fluffier, resulting in a softer texture. In addition, some dough fermented for a long time will produce sour taste, and the addition of baking powder can play a role in neutralizing and reducing the sour taste of the product.