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Effects of germinated wheat on flour quality and precautions in use

The germination of wheat grain will reduce the weight of wheat grain and the yield of wheat. The germination of wheat will not only lead to the decrease of wheat yield, but also directly affect the quality characteristics of wheat and flour. After germination, the activities of various enzymes such as amylase and protease increase, protease leads to protein hydrolysis into peptides and amino acids, protein content decreases, gluten washing is not easy to shape, affect the quality of gluten. Amylase causes starch to break down into dextrins, which give steamed buns or noodles a sticky taste. The germination of wheat will reduce the flour yield, and has a great impact on the physicochemical index and internal quality of wheat flour, which greatly reduces the use quality of flour.

Germinated wheat flour is easily contaminated by mycotoxins. Compared with the limit value of relevant national standards, it was found that aflatoxin index exceeded the standard when germinated wheat was 10%, and aflatoxin increased more after 10%. When the content of germinated wheat is less than 10%, zearalenone is zero pollution, 20% is slightly polluted, 30% is slightly polluted.

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