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White powder,insoluble in cold water,can be dispersed in hot water and hot grease.

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Food Emulsifier

Product introduction

Chemical structure:


  White powder,insoluble in cold water,can be dispersed in hot water and hot grease.


  have the function of emulsification,dispersion,chelation and control fat precipitation.

  (1)used in fruit and vegetable(meat)beverages,protein drinks,plants drinks,solid drinks and lactic acid bacteria beverages,has a good emulsification,emulsion stability.

  (2)used in shortening,whipped cream,have the funtion of emulsion stability system.

  (3)used in bread,it can make srong reaction with glutenin in flour, enhancing the ventilation of dough fermentation,so that increase the size and flexibility of bread.

The use of methods and the use of:

  The suggestion of maximum in protein drinks,plant drinks and laxtic acid bacteria beverage drinks: 2.0g/kg. The suggestion of maximum in solid drink:3g/kg.The suggestion of maximum in bread dough regulator:5.0g/kg,oil and emulsified fat products:10.0g/kg.

Technica index:

Acid value(mgKOH/g) 70-120
Hydroxide value(mgKOH/g) 138-152
lodine value(g/100g) ≤3.0
Combinatived Succinic acid(%) ≥14.8
Dissociative Succinic acid(%) ≤3.0
Heavy Metals(Pb)/(mg/kg) ≤2.0


  PE bag inside, Net weight: 25kg/CTN.

Storage and transportation:

  Sealed and storage in the low temperature,dry,cool and well-ventilated place,in order to prevent to absorb damp and become agglomeration.Strictly forbid to store and transport with materials that is explosive,combustible or deleterious.The shelf life is 12months.

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