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What are food additives?



Food additives are colorants, enzyme preparations, thickening agents, leavening agents and so on.

Food additives refer to chemical synthetic or natural substances added to food for the purpose of improving food quality and color, aroma and taste, as well as for the needs of anti-corrosion and processing technology.

Due to the rapid development of the food industry, food additives have become an important part of the modern food industry, and has become an important driving force for technological progress and scientific and technological innovation in the food industry. In the use of food additives, in addition to ensuring that it plays its due function and role, the most important thing is to ensure the safety and health of food.

In order to regulate the use of food additives and ensure the safety of the use of food additives, the National Health and Family Planning Commission has formulated and promulgated the GB2760 "National Food Safety Standard Standard for the Use of Food Additives" in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China.

The standard specifies the types of additives allowed to be used in food, and specifies the scope and amount of use in detail.





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