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Emulsifier is a kind of food additive, its main function is to reduce the tension of the oil-water two-phase interface, so that oil and water can form a stable emulsion. Emulsifiers can be divided into natural and synthetic two types, common natural emulsifiers include lecithin and soy phospholipids, and synthetic emulsifiers include glycerol monoglycerides. Emulsifier plays the role of emulsification, solublization, wetting and foaming in food processing, so it is widely used in food.

The main functions of emulsifiers include:

1, emulsification: Emulsifier can make food oil and water and other ingredients evenly and stably dispersed, prevent oil and water separation, avoid sugar and oil frosting, prevent protein condensation or precipitation. Emulsifiers can also improve the stability of salt resistance, acid resistance, heat resistance and freezing resistance of food, so that nutrients are easier to digest and absorb by the human body.

2, reduce viscosity: emulsifier can reduce the viscosity of food, make the surface of the product smooth. In some food processing processes, emulsifiers can be used as release agents. In chocolate manufacturing, emulsifiers can reduce costs and viscosity and improve the fluidity of the material; In chewing gum, emulsifiers can make the product non-stick, plastic and soft; In the manufacture of candy, emulsifiers can reduce the viscosity of the syrup and increase the recovery of sugar.

3, the formation of complex with starch: emulsifier can act with starch to form a complex or complex, so that food has a good structure, increase the volume of food, prevent aging and preservation. The emulsifier can interact with amylose to change its structure and make the product soft and fresh-keeping.

4, foaming effect, demulsification and defoaming effect: emulsifier can stabilize liquid foam, play a foaming effect, commonly seen in cakes, frozen desserts and food accessories. In some food processing processes, demulsification and defoaming are required, and emulsifiers can inhibit the formation of foam.

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