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Classification, function and application of emulsifier in food industry



In today's society, people's standard of living has been improved, and more attention has been paid to the appearance, color, fragrance, sensory characteristics and variety of food while addressing basic dietary issues. In order to meet the needs of consumers, safe and high-quality food emulsifiers can be used.

The market demand for emulsifiers continues to rise, and the research on food emulsifiers has become a hot spot. Its application prospects are broad, and it has been applied in baking, beverage, dessert and other aspects. Emulsifiers can interact with various components in food to improve food quality.

The type of emulsifier is different, its performance is also different, the emulsification effect is also different. These characteristics promote the wide application of emulsifiers in food processing.

01, food emulsifier

Food emulsifier is a physical method to make two or more insoluble phases (such as oil and water) uniformly form dispersed active substances. It occupies a very important position in the food industry, which can improve the quality of food, prevent food deterioration, extend the shelf life of food storage, improve the taste and appearance of food, and stimulate consumer demand. Its emulsifying properties depend on the hydrophilic lipophilic balance value (HLB value) of the emulsifier, the greater the HLB value, the stronger the hydrophilicity, and vice versa, the stronger the lipophilicity.

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