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What is the use of edible emulsified oil



Emulsifier is a kind of food additive widely used in modern food industry, which has many functions. It is mainly used in the processing of pastry, frozen food, convenience food, pastry, milk containing (milk substitute) beverage, salad dressing, and cooked meat products. In candy, chocolate, biscuits and other foods, it can also be used as a lubricant and hand protection agent.

By adding emulsifiers, you can supplement the fat content in dairy products, beverages, cold food and other products, and increase the nutritional value of products. In the production process, it can also enhance the texture of milk, remove odor, and has a strong whitening effect. In addition, the emulsifier can also improve the whiteness and taste of milk powder and soy milk powder, enhance the beauty of the pastry, and make the flour organization more delicate.

Emulsifiers also play a key role in food storage. It can prevent the aging of pasta and pastries and extend the shelf life of products. For consumers, this feature is very practical and can help them better preserve food.

In short, emulsifiers play an important role in the modern food industry, with a wide range of applications and a variety of functions. In the production process, it can improve the nutritional value and beauty of the product, improve the taste, and extend the shelf life of the product, so that consumers can enjoy the food more at ease.

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