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Application of enzyme preparation in food improvement of noodles and rice products



Yeast and enzymes have been used in the baking industry for hundreds of years and have produced many high quality products.

Roasters are not necessarily biochemical experts themselves, but they mainly use their ancestral experience and know-how to make baked goods.

In the past few decades, many studies have focused on the addition of wheat endogenous enzymes and yeast enzymes that have been recognized to play a major role in the baking process, and these enzymes have been widely accepted.

Wheat and wheat flour contain a large number of active enzymes, and the activity of these different endogenous enzymes varies greatly, mainly depending on different planting, harvesting and storage conditions. Wheat A-amylase is a well-known example.

If the enzyme activity of wheat is too high, such as sprouted wheat, it will not be suitable for making bread, steamed bread, etc. On the contrary, if the enzyme activity is too low, it will lead to poor product quality.

In order to regulate the activity of enzymes and to obtain the best ratio between enzymes from other sources and the endogenous enzymes of wheat, this constitutes the beginning of the application and basic principle of enzymes in the flour food industry.

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